taiwan earthquake today magnitude

Taiwan hit by 7.2 strong Earthquake, multiple buildings collapsed, tsunami warnings issued

Taiwan is as East Asian country which located near China and some country also recognizes it as Republic of China, China claims it is a province of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

On date 3rd April 2024 earthquake of 7.2 magnitude which also trigger tsunami in Taiwan. Many injuries and death reported and counting is still going. Taiwan government issue a warning regarding tsunami. This earthquake is heaviest earthquake in 25years in Taiwan.


People of Taiwan facing huge loss and also suffering from earthquake and we hope that Taiwan recover fast and prepare themselves for tsunami. Let’s see who comes forward to help Taiwan and we request Indian government to help them in this tough situation.


The images which are comes from Taiwan are really scary. Taiwan surrounded by sea and if the epicenter of earthquake is under the sea then Taiwan may have suffer more from tsunami. This earthquake is heaviest earthquake in 25 years so tsunami chances increases and Taiwan is surrounded by the sea so tsunami is also huge.


Relation between Taiwan and USA are good so there is a chances that America may provide some help if causalities increase and relation between India and Taiwan is also good so if Taiwan required help then India come forward and help Taiwan .India is also near Taiwan as comparison to America so India provides help faster

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